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The new simplified rules for golden visa, a residence permit in Portugal.
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One of the most effective investment of funds is opening your own business or buying real estate. If you choose to set up profitable business, the tax law in any state, in one way or another, provokes a new businessman to plan taxation more carefully, seek ways to reduce and optimize it. Thus registration of foreign companies has become more profitable than developing business in your country. Nowadays there are lots of tools, methods and structures of corporate nature, which can reduce tax rates, if not zero rates.

Do you plan to open a business in Madeira or already develope a strategy of entry into new markets?

In any cases please analyze the section "THE NEW EUROPEAN FUND SUPPORT PROGRAMME" under the goal of investment for growth and job creation in Madeira Island.


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Tax planning and optimization involving foreign institutions is quite common activity in most developed countries. Today Tax Planning is one of the important aspects in activities of many large companies. And this is not surprising, because any business, whether a large corporation or just growing firm, is achieving to reduce costs, including taxes, as all these, in particular, help to increase profits. It's no secret that many companies deliberately transfer main production plants to those countries where the labour is much cheaper. Tax optimization can also reduce costs without any substantial investment. Making an example of tax planning we can think of opening subsidiary companies in other countries with more favorable tax conditions. Schemes of planning and tax optimization may be quite different, everything here depends directly on your business objectives.




A growing number of Russians is seeking to open own business in Europe every year. It is not surprising as this can significantly reduce taxes. Moreover, major interest our people are showing to acquisition of restaurants, cafes, small shops and hotels. Real estate is in higher demand , because its acquisition does not promise any risks. Whatever the situation in a country is, the investor always has the guaranteed income of 4-5%. In short, beneficial investment in Europe can bring a substantial income and stability to the investor, the most important thing is to know where to invest avoiding risks. Regulation and support of small business in Europe as a separate system began to take shape back in the 70s, in order to stimulate entrepreneurship. Specific amendments have been made for the value added tax, state policy has been changed and financial adjustments have been updated. So nowadays opening own business in Europe is worth to realize that this segment has quite severe competition. But there are significant advantages - being a business owner, you can pretend to emigration. What you need to do is to register a company in the territory of any European state. It will be a reason for the immigration service to give you a residence permit valid for one year with further extension and getting a permanent residence card. Obviously to open your business you need a start-up capital, the amount of which varies depending on the state to be chosen. The tendency is that the farther to the west, the greater obstacles you have to a successful business and the more free money you have to invest in.


It remains only to say, that each situation is completely individual, and therefore it should be a sensible approach to it. But the best way is to ask professionals who have had good experience in this area. Do you have any questions? Contact us, and we will certainly help you!